As an IT ambassador of the future, what will be your contribution towards the development of ICT in Malaysia? In order to achieve our goals, what preparations that your are suppose to do as an IT student.

Everybody now days can learned and gain knowledge easy and convenient.Referring to the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) within the field of socioeconomic development or international development. ICT era or also well known as Superior Generation, downloading and uploading data easy and even all ages can easily using the Internet.

For an IT student,I should always alert and up to date myself with knowledge
inside or outside our country. Futhermore, be more casual towards multi-fields as an capable in any field.Government had invented thousand of Ringgit to I also must be very commitment to improved my working skills in my major.

I.T. Ambassador provides a full range of local specialists for all of your computer needs. We introduce our clients to the best solutions and services. From simple repair of a home system to deploying a secure corporate network.

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